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The Top 15 Questions the Industry is Still Asking About Cloud Training

Complex and constantly evolving, cloud computing involves connected technologies that inspire many questions among IT professionals. Companies continue to modernize infrastructures and adopt cloud native development practices and a DevOps culture. As a result, IT and business leaders are identifying extensive gaps in the skills of their teams. A fully trained, certified workforce can prevent companies from making costly mistakes while migrating to the cloud and modernizing company applications and technologies.

Let's Talk About Medicare Supplement Plans—What's Offered and What's the Cost?

You may know that you are eligible for Original Medicare after you turn 65 years old. Original Medicare includes Part A hospital insurance and Part B medical insurance. What you might not realize is that Medicare isn’t offered free of charge—at least not for most people. You likely will pay at least a portion of your insurance premium, a 20% coinsurance rate, as well as copayments and deductibles.

Pros and cons of prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements are a topic many marrying couples choose to ignore. After all, discussing a contractual document does take away from the romance of selecting a ring, a dress, a cake and other exciting details for your pending nuptials. Ask and you will receive as many opinions about prenuptial agreements as you will about marriage in general. Before saying "I do," it is worth discussing premarital agreements with your fiancé.

Youth over wisdom: Age discrimination in 2017

In many ways, ageism still runs rampant in Western society. This is no surprise, given our cultural obsession with youth and desire to "fight" the effects of aging. And unfortunately, the workplace is no exception, as experienced workers are often discarded and replaced by younger employees as a cost-saving measure. Age discrimination, in fact, is one of the few biases that continue to be ingrained in the employment practices of many companies. Often, this is because age discrimination cases are difficult to prove, as a New York Times piece explored in-depth recently.

Case Studies

2 Bright Faux Neon Signs for Local Restaurant

Coalhouse Pizza, a mainstay in Samford, Connecticut, since 2009, serves coal-fired pizzas, burgers, pasta, craft beer, spirits, and more. They take pride in being a local favorite, offering hand-crafted food and beverages to regulars and newcomers alike. As an innovative establishment, they are continually looking for ways to expand and enhance their offerings to patrons in new ways. As such, they needed a way to reflect some of these changes in their exterior signage. The outside façade of Coalhouse Pizza at that time featured a neon sign with their name in distinctive red lettering. Coalhouse Pizza contacted SIGNLite Inc., a local sign company, to assist with adding two new signs to their building exterior: one highlighting their bar and the other for their barbeque menu offerings.

Meeting Industry Standards – One Utility Electric Grid at a Time

Modernizing the electric grid has become a major priority for utilities across the United States. At Ulteig, our grid modernization experts are equipped to handle thorough assessments and plan development to meet each utility’s unique needs. Recently, Ulteig was engaged by the nFront Consulting group to assess a municipal utility’s electric grid. This project was part of an overall organizational evaluation to ensure the utility operated effectively and efficiently while creating grid stability and advancement.

Farm Jenny Case Study - Horse Monitoring Device

Farm Jenny’s founders had a vision: 24/7 horse monitoring. The inspiration for this product came from decades in the technology industry while owning a small horse farm. They understood that with horses, owners want to know where their animals are and that they are healthy and well. From the start, they knew they wanted to use an embedded modem vs. a module in their design to obtain data on the movement and condition of the horses. They needed a solution that was easy to integrate and would reliably connect to the widest range of carriers, specifically in rural areas.

Capabilities & White Papers

White Paper: 10 Business Cases for IoT Automation

The personal computer is a powerful tool to create efficiency in a business. When computers were first developed, however, they weren’t widely used. This wasn’t just because of size and cost; a major issue was that many business leaders simply didn’t understand how a computer could be used in their business. Once they became more compact and cost-effective, they evolved into a standard part of running any modern business. The same is true for other types of automation, including the Internet of Things (IoT). We are at the inflection point where IoT is being leveraged to accelerate the average small business.

Statement of Qualifications: Project Delivery Services

Ulteig’s Project Delivery Services (PDS) transforms chaos into clarity within the project environment. Our suite of services offers integrated, flexible solutions to any issues that arise in your project or portfolio of projects. Think of Ulteig as your delivery-focused advocate – both in the field and behind the scenes. Our team of professionals can mobilize to fit any objectives that arise, allocating resources and people to where they are most needed. Rest easy knowing your project is in capable hands.

White Paper: Wi-Fi vs Cellular for IoT Connectivity

Connectivity is the lifeblood of any IoT device. It is literally the “I” in “Internet of Things” – so if it does not reliably connect, your device ceases to be useful. When thinking through the development of a new IoT device, be it for industrial, medical, municipal, energy or basically any use-case, it can be tempting to look at “ambient Wi-Fi” as a solution for internet connectivity. Typically, the most compelling reasons for using “existing Wi-Fi” or “the customer’s Wi-Fi” vs. using cellular are the recurring communication and device costs. There are implications in using infrastructure you don’t control, however, that are not immediately obvious.

SCCE & HCCA 2018 Annual Report

Ethical business practices have become an ever-growing priority for organizations across all industries. Along with stricter regulations from government entities, this business priority has contributed to an increased demand for employees in compliance. The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics & Health Care Compliance Association (SCCE & HCCA) have experienced the effects of this trend. In 2018 our combined membership hit 20,000 compliance professionals in 100+ countries.

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MBA Online

To take the lead in business, you need a deep understanding of strategic analysis, people, resource management and critical thinking. Strayer University offers an online Master of Business Administration degree that can help you master the leadership skills necessary to guide organizations effectively. Strayer’s MBA program is designed for busy professionals. All courses are offered online, allowing you the flexibility to attend class from anywhere. Choose from 15 concentrations to focus on the area that fits your career goals.

Grid Modernization

Prepare to meet the increasing reliability, resiliency and efficiency demands for electrical distribution systems. At Ulteig, we understand that grid modernization and its strategic priority is unique, and it is defined differently by each utility. Our team of grid modernization experts will work with you to develop unique solutions to achieve your strategic goals. We will partner with you to create and implement a well-designed grid modernization plan with long-lasting benefits.

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